Doors Installed and Repaired


Door Installation Service

Doors installation & repair for residents and offices



100% Guaranteed Here at

Graystone Locksmiths & Safe Company,

we have a team of licensed and experienced door specialists

that can install and repair any type of door.


Our door department specializes in the installations of metal doors,

wooden doors, iron doors, glass doors,

bullet reststant doors and fireproof doors.


We install door frames,

handles and locks for interior and exterior doors as well.


Our technicians also repair door hardware which includes locks,

doors, door closers and hinges.

We offer you solutions that satisfy your needs and your budget.


Once you have enlisted our help,

we come up with a scheduled time that works for you.


Our specialists have installed and repaired doors

for residential and commercial clients throughout The Gulf Coast.



they are compliant with all of the building

& fire code requirements.


With our competitive prices and exceptional customer service,

we guarantee a job well done!


Call us today

for a free estimate at:




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